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Maximise Speed

Automate workflows to manage by exception


One-stop solution for managing your orders and deliveries.

How Shipnow TMS works

1. Route Planning
Everything you need to plan delivery routes, assign jobs to drivers and automatically notify your customers.

2. Fleet Tracking

Know exactly where your fleet is in real-time with GPS tracking.

3. Drier APP

Manage your delivery drivers with an easy-to-use delivery app

4. Synchronize all the Fulfilment order into single app

Manage your multi-platform fulfilment order from one single web application with just some click.

5. Reporting and Insights

Improve your logistics performance with data-driven decisions.

A Powerful Easy to Use Transport Management System

transport management system

ShipNow is a feature rich (TMS) Transport Management System with automation and cloud in mind. It will streamline your logistics and help you provide better customer service.

The ShipNow TMS platform integrates an easy-to-use, cloud-based TMS with real-time visibility and analytics, so you can uncover long-term opportunities for growth.


A smarter TMS for a smarter supply chain

Our Best

Automate workflows to manage by exception

Tender to preferred carriers instantly

Interpret and act on data in real time

Insights surfaced via graphical dashboards

Broadcast spot auctions based on business rules

Optimize and clone routing guides and contracts

Easily create ad-hoc and custom reports

Diagnose and address operational issues


From our blog

ShipNow TMS

ShipNow is proud to announce TMS: a one-stop solution for managing your orders and deliveries. We know how hard it is to manage your drivers and delivery, and we’re here to help. TMS helps to assigns the delivery route to the closet driver, saves your time and money and improves customer service.


TMS is where transport and delivery companies can find everything, they need to get he jot done. From tracking to vehicle maintenance to warehouse software, we’ve got it all. With TMS’s help, your company will be your best self for the long haul.

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